Grant High School class of 1970

Grant Class of 1970 & 1971 50+ Reunion Recap!

We called it our 50+ reunion. The virus canceled our 50th reunion which was planned for August of 2020. The reunion committee waited to see how things went with the virus. - By the time things improved enough to move forward, there wasn't enough time to hold our reunion in 2021. Then the class of 1971 50th reunion also was disrupted by the virus so we combined the two classes for this special reunion.

The Ice Breaker was on Friday, September 9th

It started at 6:30 pm at Raymond's in Johnsburg. Classes of 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972 were invited. We had around 130 people show up.

Our 50+ Reunion Dinner.
Was held Saturday, September 10th.

Our 50+ Reunion was memorable! It was held outdoors, under tent, just feet away from the shore of Lake Geneva at Abbey Springs Resort. We got lucky and the weather was great. The next day it rained 5 inches. Appetizers were served from 5:30 to 6:30. Group photos were taken from 6:30 to 7:00. Sit down dinner was at 7 pm.

There was a photographer there all evening and you could pick up the photos that evening.

There were planned optional activities

On Friday we had 8 for golf at Stonewall Orchard near Volo.

On Saturday we had a Lake Geneva Mail Run cruise from 10:00 am to 12:30 who watch the mail get delivered to the lake houses as you cruise around Lake Geneva on a narrated tour.

Also we had a Lake Geneva luncheon cruise from 11:30 to 1:45. We had 16 scheduled but half missed the boat. Not to worry as they were able to get on a later cruise.

On Sunday, Kirby Wagner opened the Fox Lake/Grant Township Area Historical Museum from noon to 3pm.

Class of 1970 reunion committed attendees

Cathy Christensen (Halsey)
Rick and Laurie Pasturczak
Tom Smith
Thom Gerretsen + spouse
Cathy Murphy
Dan Doherty
Jim and Barb Timblin
Deb Brage (Behnke)
Doris MutZel (Lipping)
Jeff and Dawn Schad
Matthew Martin
Paul and Sandy Jozef (Vasey)
Rhonda Kabot (Dahl)
George Englen and guest
Sharon Griffin (Radtke)
Mike and Wendy Dobosiewicz
Greg and Sandy Foster (Foxx)
Bill and Beth Bereiter
Barbara Drabek

Class of 1970 reunion committed attendees

Dean and Beth Molburg (Panek)
Bruce and Melody Stalk (Petersen)
Barb Pardue (Jonas) + spouse
Mike Carsella
Kurt and Gerry Stimpson (Sokolowski)
Judy Foszcz (Smith)
Kathy Radzik (Grady)
Jim Mulligan
Kirby and Sue Wagner
Bill and Debb Schnoor
Sue Chrisholm (Layton) and guest
Mary Koenig (Britz)
Bob and Diane Kielar
Bob and Alyce Langbein
Gayle Mateja (Huhn)
Allan Miller
Ed Kanthack
Ron Lowery
LeRae Conro (Kerr) and Kathy

Class of 1971 reunion committed attendees

Wayne and Linda Mortensen (Kuper)
Bob and Sue Dubs (Muehlfelder)
Deborah Poll + guest
Patricia Tonyan (Knack) + Ben
Janice Fullerton (Weigel) + Kathy Juckett (Klinzing)
Ron Guy
Jean Dietyz (Kahl) + guest
Steve and Linda Meier
Deborah Bellino (Karns) + guest
Bill and Pam Clark
Kathy Hendrix (Allen)
Karen Halsey
Jim and Barb Timblin (Adler)
Debra Gort (Chasseur)
Gayle Miller (Lindholm) and guest

Our class is very fortunate to stay connected with so many of our classmates.
This is due to the very hard work of the reunion committee.

Your reunion committee

Debbie Brage (Behnke), Mike Carsella
Cathy Christensen (Halsey), Sandy Jofez (Vasey)
Cathy Murphy, Beth Molburg (Panek)
Rick Pasturczak, Melody Stalk (Petersen), Kirby Wagner
Sue Dubs (Muehlfelder) (1971), Linda Mortensen (Kuper) (1971)